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10 Things I Hate About You review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 14 September 2010 09:25 (A review of 10 Things I Hate About You)

I could say this show is a disgrace to the "memory" of a perfectly decent teen movie. "10 Things I Hate About You" was actually a pretty good movie (at the top of its genre), with a great leading couple: both the characters (Kat and Patrick) and actors (Stiles and Ledger), among others, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cameron; we can't say the same about this. Also all the changes in the story are for worse, in my opinion.
In comparison Cameron is ridiculous, Katherine on the verge of shameful, and Patrick, well, you know.

And I just realized that there was a 'Mandella' in the movie (didn't remember the name of that completely different character; not that this Mandella is bad)... And where the heck is Joey?? In both there is in fact a character named 'Joey Donner', but they are in NO way the same person, not by a long shot, at all. And Joey was quite crucial!
Dana Davis as Chastity (unexisting character in the movie, as Bianca *was* the popular girl, not trying to be one) is quite annoying (successfully, this is a good thing!).

Yes, the series is - obviously - entitled to be different from the movie. But it shouldn't really have the same name (doesn't make much sense now does it?), and it should definitely be better, regardless of its (lack of) similarities to the movie.

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"The blood guy" (emotional pinocchio)*

Posted : 9 years, 7 months ago on 1 March 2010 07:07 (A review of Dexter)

Blood & Donuts. Phony smiles & needle-stabs.
A "monster" with a heart.

The title of this show is the main character for a reason, you know...
Dexter is a bit of a sociopath, trying (well, pretending) to mingle - he sure is disturbed. You know why he is a good man? Because he kills people. Yeah.
Interesting, smart, and quite humorous series about this guy (a forensic blood spatter analyst) that wacks bad guys... and we're the only ones who know it.
He believes he's not really a "real" person with feelings or a heart, but we know better (and he shall find that too in the course of the series).
"I'm like you. - No. No, no, no, no. I *know* I'm a monster."
A monster with a heart - no point in denying it.

Really interesting, well made TV Series, with good actors, a good plot, and of course a Great main character. Dexter does a very insightful - and amusing - voice-over narration. The way Dexter fakes his way through everyday life with phony smiles and good-morning-donuts, mimicking social interactions and feelings, is freaking brilliant.
Well thought, well written, well developed, well filmed, with a nice set of characters.
It's a great, engaging show - if you never watched it, please do.

And one thing I know: it has the best opening credits sequence on TV!

*"If you play a role long enough, really commit, does it ever become real?
Could I become real?..."

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Underdeveloped? Understatement.

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 22 November 2009 05:07 (A review of Twilight)

Ok, I felt the need to post my note on this one.
Before watching the movie, I thought it was probably a little lame, a bit this and that... but that it might be kinda cute, and fun to watch... Nope. I was wrong.
It's so damn empty and flawed...!
Oh the acting, the plot, the whole thing... Not even the freaking relationship between the pair was well developed! (How did that happen?)
Plus, I don't see what's so damn attractive about Edward (and by the way, I saw Pattinson looking better elsewhere), as he just striked me as an albino-looking creature, who's awkward not in any cute or cool way.
Seriously, the "story" is remarkably close to unexisting, and it makes me wonder what caused such a huge fuss, buzz, a phenomenon!... And the wondering is in vain, as I can't see what such a frightening number of teenagers saw here. [the movie, not the book - I can't comment on the book]
Everyone knows that Vampires have always been this, attractive thing, for a number of reasons, used in Literature and Cinema, but here, nothing is taken out of there, and more importantly, it also fails to build anything else or achieve anything of any other nature (regardless of the vampire thing).
Everything is undeveloped. The story, the plot, every character, and unfortunately the acting as well... (Oh, perhaps the étalonnage was a little "overdeveloped"!)
No action or effects or pretty boys or whatever could turn it (and none of them are great either). Besides the plot-holes, the interest-lacking characters, and the weird kinda-non-existing-appealing-romance-for-a-love-story, it's just plain boring, never quite managing to get entertaining.

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